Get up late- You set your alarm in a bid to do something exciting and memorable with the day but instead sleep in until most of the morning is gone. But you relish the snuggle time with each other and the lie in. When you normally get up just becomes a pee break between sleeps and it's the best pee you have all week.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Talk about how great it is to sleep past your normal get up time- The novelty never wears off- being able to remain horizontal for most of the morning together is the best feeling in the world.

Push each other out of bed- Neither of you wants to make the first move so you play a game of 'who can tickle the other one enough to fall out of bed' and therefore lose the game. That person then has to be the first one to shower.

Have a really good breakfast- Your usual breakfast is nothing, water or a snack bar because you won't sacrifice time in bed to make food- but you have nothing but time so you go all out. Pancakes, eggs benedict, toasty soldiers- you name it- you've had it on a Saturday morning.

Watch a cooking show while having your breakfast- Either James Martin/ Jamie Oliver/ Mary Berry appear on screen and prepare savoury things as you're tucking into your Full English. Then you're forced to discuss with your partner what you've having for tea…. and how crap you both are at cooking.

Go shopping for things you don't need/can't afford- You go looking for pretty furniture for your house that would take you years to save up for even when it's on sale. Just like when you were little and used to circle everything you wanted in the Argos catalogue for your imaginary house.

Or you both wander aimlessly around the shops and buy something to justify your outing. Which usually ends up being something else for you to watch back at home together.

Go to the cinema- You've wasted most of the day by now so you settle for a movie and a sit down- what else are you going to do now it's gone dark? Bring on the popcorn and insanely sugary drink!

Moan that you never do anything with your weekends- You get to the end of a fairy unproductive day and ask yourselves what you are doing with your lives. But the reality is you quite enjoy doing very little with each other because you are together and that's all that matters.

Watch TV until the wee hours- You don't have to get up tomorrow so watching your favourite programme until the early hours is a-OK. As is spreading out on the couch with your blanket with sleeves and some really salty/sugary food in tow.

Have sex- Well it would be rude not to- you're both well rested and have enough energy inside you from all the sugar to run a marathon so why not put it to good use?

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