Wish you could snooze the alarm- Just for 5 minutes so you can pretend that it's still the weekend and you can snuggle for as long as you want. But alas- snoozing was not made for Mondays and you drag your bottom out of bed while your partner lounges around until you've vacated the shower.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Get ready VERY slowly- It takes time for your body and your mind to get back into the swing of things so you take it easy and give it the space it needs to come around. You have to get up a little earlier to compensate for the drag. The person who generally gets up first loses out big time.

Don't speak to one another- There's an unwritten rule that you still love each other dearly but if one of your tries to engage the other in conversation on a Monday morning there WILL be consequences.

Send each other texts and emails from work- With sad faces, countdowns and explanations of why Mondays suck big time- like you didn't know already.

Start a new health kick- All health kicks start on Mondays- so you both feel the pain as you try to cope with the day as well as the withdrawal symptoms from denying your system of fat, carbs and sugar.

Collapse on the couch when you get home- And wonder how you ever make it through five of these things a week. You want to be a good partner and ask about your loved one's day but you lack the energy to speak and there's a quiet acceptance that you will catch up on all of that tomorrow.

Talk about what you're having for tea- And feel uninspired at every single suggestion because it's all rabbit food and only yesterday you were gorging on a roast dinner without a care in the world.

Make something healthy for tea- You hope that whatever it is doesn't involve going in the freezer where all the cheesy, fatty, carby temptations are ready to wave at you and beg 'eat me!'

Get an early night- Because staying up late last night was the worst idea in the world but you couldn't have slept even if you'd wanted to thanks to your weekend body clock messing things up royally.

Realise that lying in bed at 8.30pm makes you feel ancient- You feel like a really old couple hiding in young bodies because you can no longer keep up with the pace. It's ok though- as long as you've got each other to cuddle up to it doesn't matter what time it is.

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