We have yet another long weekend in our midst so it’s time to do what couples do best when the year gives us a Monday off- here are just ten of them.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Stay up late- You don’t have to get up so you can watch as many episodes of that boxset as you like because you don’t have to scrimp on sleep the next day.

Have a lie in- Even if you spend half the day sleeping in on one of the days you still have TWO full days to something with so it doesn’t feel like a waste.  

Eat junk- It’s a bonus holiday so why not treat it like one and eat take out, easy food and if you’re lucky- leftover Easter Chocolate.

Have sex- With three days’ worth of rest, you have the energy for some physical time between the sheets- maybe even during the day- you lucky devils.

Do some DIY- An extra day off means you can paint walls, fix things and do all those little jobs about the house that have been nagging you. Bank holidays aren’t the same without a trip to B and Q.   

Moan about the rain- It’s inevitable- with bank holidays- comes the rain. You can go to the cinema, have a duvet day, sort out your home- hell you are off- you can do nothing- but you still like to have a moan all the same- it’s the British way.  

Spend time in the garden- If you do get nice weather at some point- you can’t unfold the deck chairs fast enough. You read, you talk to each other, you admire the weather- then you both get bored and go back inside.

Have a BBQ- Well all the adverts tell you that’s what you should be doing- so it would be rude not to join in right? Plus it’s an excuse for lots more food and drink- what’s not to love?

Try to have at least one day out- Bank holidays are always awash with car boot sales, special events and fun things to try so you make it your mission to have at least one activity day or what will you tell people at work on Tuesday? You did nothing?!

Get drunk on Sunday night- You have a rare Monday off so you make the most of being able to get merry on a school night.

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