Today is National Spouses Day- a day to take time out for your mate and hope they will do the same. Here are some suggestions of how you can celebrate. 

National Calendar Day on Female First

National Calendar Day on Female First

Give your husband/wife a compliment- What feature did you notice about them the most on your wedding day? Their eyes? Their smile? Whatever caught your attention- compliment them on that. Take the time to really look at them and choose your words thoughtfully and carefully.

Spend time talking- Make a cup of tea, sit at opposite ends of the couch (with the TV off) and just talk. Give yourselves a chance to concentrate on each other and not what's on the box or what you're having for tea. Face each other like you did on your wedding day and listen to each other's words with the same level of attention.

Get an early night- Whatever you do in your bedroom is up to you but use the time wisely. Dress up in your wedding night attire and repeat the things you did on your first night as man and wife.

Cook for your partner- Surprise your loved one with a home cooked meal and serve it at the table if you are a 'tray on the lap' kind of couple normally. Use the time to talk between eating instead of just shovelling it down. Maybe you could cook the meal you ate at your wedding breakfast? And share a bottle of the bubbly that was served on your top table?

Take the burden away from them- If they regularly do something on this day- do it for them- throw in some washing, clean or make the bed. Let them put their feet up while you do it for a change. They may not be sick- but they may be tired, so give them the support you promised in your vows when they are not at their physical peak. 

Run a bath- Light some candles, put on the soundtrack to your wedding day and lie together in the hot water. You don't have to talk- just enjoy the skin on skin contact and the memories.

Talk about your favourite moments together- Each recall a part of your wedding day you'll always remember in detail and tell one another about it. Or pull out your wedding day memory box and let the memories flow- re-read the wedding speeches or look through your cards. They're easily forgotten unless you bring them back to life by talking about them regularly.

Make a 'date night' jar- Write down date night ideas on pieces of paper, fold them up and put them in a jar. When you're stuck for a plan- just reach in the jar and do whatever it tells you too. You don't have to tell each other your plans- leave them as a surprise if you wish. Perhaps one of the ideas could be to visit the hotel you were married in for a weekend away?

Look through your wedding album- And talk about your big day- the good, the bad and the ugly- often the things that didn't go to plan still give you the biggest laughs.

Choose pictures to put about your house- If all of your wedding photos are in an album, why not select a few, get them printed out and buy a frame to put them all in? You are bound to have a few pictures taken by someone other than your photographer, so make the most of them and put them on show.

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