When your friends suggest you do something active on your double date- The cinema, a meal out or a take away at yours- you will do- but if someone suggests ice skating, paintballing or lazer quest- you wonder if you picked the right couple to be friends with after all.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

When you try to lift something heavy- And your lover comes along and moves you aside, looking all cocky- but they can't lift it either.

You discuss physical activities you could to together- But come up with reasons not to do any of them. 'Running ruins the joints', 'you could drown if you go swimming' and 'it's too cold outside to even go for a walk'.

You always take the escalator or the lift- You both like technology…. what?!

You get out of breath going up and downstairs- You dread leaving something on the level you're not on and try to bribe your partner to get it for you. They don't.

The only time you do sports is on holiday- A canoe ride on a lake- sure, a swim in sea- absolutely! Then reality kicks in- a different postcode does NOT mean a different fitness level.

Sex is like a gym session- There is sweat- lots of sweat. The next day you walk around in pain and have to lie about how you sustained your injuries. 'I got this from an hour at the gym' (not from 5 minutes in the sack)

You sit in the middle at the cinema- Sure- going all the way to the back may give you a better view of the screen but it's too much like hard work. You're not Rocky- just a regular couple on a Friday night who wants to eat their popcorn ASAP.

You don't ask for late lifts from one another- Having to get out of bed, changed and in the car to pick them up is way harder than giving them the money for a taxi.

You both wait until the other caves to take out the recycling- Neither of you can be bothered to gather it all up and put it in the bin outside. You would much rather see how many things you can put on the pile before it topples over. The person who it falls for has to take the stuff out- that's the rule.

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