Elite Singles has found that when you're single- your favourite TV show can say a lot about you and what kind of dater you are.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

We've taken a look at five popular shows and what it could mean for your love life.

Game of Thrones

You recognise that everyone has flaws so you are more lenient than others when it comes to your dates and often give them the benefit of the doubt. However you won't put up with any Joffreys or Ramsays- you do draw the line at plain nasty folk. You enjoy learning but only when it's presented in an exciting manner- so you're not up for walking around museums- you like dates with more interaction.

You enjoy sex, dragons, wine and horse riding, but you're not a big fan of the winter.

The Big Bang Theory

You love a good laugh and you're respected for being a tolerant person- especially of those who see the world a little differently to you. You don't go off looks or stereotypes- you're open to dating anyone who treats you well. You may not always have a lot in common with your dates but you often enjoy their company all the same.

Sherlock Holmes

You're a thinker and don't like your dates to give too much away too early. You enjoy slowly learning new things about them with every new meeting. In between your dates you spend time thinking about them and working out what sort of person they might be. Often your instincts are correct so you generally make good choices when it comes to people you spend your time with-resulting in positive relationships.

The Soaps

You appreciate the security of predictability and routine and anyone who upsets that sends you into a spin. You prefer to meet with someone who shares your sense of order and habit because it makes you feel safe and relaxed. You're not opposed to a bit of drama- just as long as it's someone else's problem.

Penny Dreadful

You are quite happy to mix things up when you're dating- you will go to new places and enjoy new experiences with a partner who's willing. It is difficult to describe you with one word because you have such depth and adaptiveness to your personality that you can fit in with most people in most places. But when it comes to good and evil- you can smell such singles a mile off and invest your time wisely with the right people.

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