My bad!

My bad!

Costa Bingo asked women in relationships to reveal their biggest bugbears about their male folk partners! We find out just what creams our corn when it comes to the men in our life!

The top 10 annoying male habits

Never admits he’s wrong- Even if he is, he will always find a loophole and turn it around- they are the masters of reverse psychology- without even meaning to do it!

Hogs the TV remote- He insists on watching some Star Wars/Trek, Babylon 5 type programme while eating your tea and when you ask him what the hell is going on all you get is –‘it’s the alien’s fault!’

Breaks wind in public- In public- and blames it on you, to wake you up in the morning, or under the sheets and then puts them over your head. Even if he doesn’t have any trapped up there, he simulates the sound of a fart in the cinema with his hands…..

Unable to multitask- One thing at a time- God forbid if he does two- the world might end….

Snores- Even a jab in the side or a pillow over the face won’t stop this act, so you sleep in the spare room and it still resonates through the walls!

Never surprises me- Example: he left my Valentine’s Day card on the couch arm so I know what it looked like and then I had to give it to him to write on the evening of ‘the day of love’ so he would actually present me with it.

Ignores me when I’m talking – Men don’t listen- we all know this as females, but there is still a hope that they will eventually!


Never does housework- He doesn’t see the mess we do- he lets his clothes pile up in the secret place by his bed so when you think the washing is all done- think again. He hides his socks down the side of the couch instead of putting them in the basket. If he does clean, he wants thanking for it several times over. What thanks do we get? Our reward is him doing a massive s**t in the freshly cleaned toilet. Well it needs Christening right?! Erm, no! 

Staring at other women- He thinks as long as he isn’t acting on it then it’s acceptable. I make one comment about how buff the Diet Coke man is and all hell breaks loose!

Watches too much sport- Do the words ‘football widow’ mean anything to you? I hear you sister!

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