Often, the very thought of discussing dates with our parents fills us with dread as the question “have you met someone yet?” echoes in our minds. In turn, we give a dismissive response and insist that we’ll only introduce them to someone when we know it’s serious... meanwhile, we continue in our struggle to land a second date.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Despite our apprehensions, it might just be that the advice of our parents is key to winning the dating game. Not only do they have years of experience on us, but our parents have also been filled with the cherished advice of our grandparents, and if there’s anything we can learn from this generation, it’s how to love and make a relationship last.

From the dating don’ts, they’ve learned first hand to the dos that led to their long-standing relationships, their tips and tricks could help you find ‘the one’.

To reignite the spark in your love life, Charlie Spokes, a dating expert from ‘My Friend Charlie’, outlines 4 dating lessons we can all learn from our parents.

1. Mother knows best

As much as we might hate to admit it, mums always seem to have the answer. Knowing exactly the right thing to say, they’re often our biggest confidents… setting us back on the right path and filling us with reassurance, there’s nothing quite like the advice of a mum in your time of need.

This understanding doesn’t appear from nowhere and whilst we might disgruntledly suggest that she can’t possibly have a view on everything we do, our mums’ wealth of experience often suggests otherwise; they’ve been there, done it, and they’ve got the memories as proof. Having walked in your shoes, they’ll also inevitably have sought advice from their own mothers, only adding to their seemingly endless list of tips and tricks.

Don’t be afraid to turn to your mum for advice; we often worry that our woes will be met with a disapproving “oh, you didn’t…”, but this won’t always be the case. You might just find that your problems are solved, all with a little support from the family.

2. Manners cost nothing

If our parents stressed anything growing up, it’s the importance of manners. Saying “please” and “thank you” certainly isn’t difficult, and this goes a long way in highlighting your ability to be polite… something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Although it might seem slightly irritating when our parents remind us, yet again, to “say the magic word” (even though we’re well into our twenties, thirties or even forties…) this is something you should value in a possible partner. Don’t stand for poor manners on a date; never settling is key to finding happiness and if your date isn’t polite, gracious and respectful, you can be sure you deserve better. Carrying your parents’ expectations for decency will come in extremely handy in your search for Mr or Mrs Right.

3. You can't beat good chemistry

We are the first generation to truly embrace the temptation of online dating. Social media and apps are taking over our lives; no longer do we hope to ‘bump into’ our perfect match as we walk to work or have drinks with friends. No, now we relentlessly swipe to search for a partner, something our parents, and grandparents, would never have been able to consider…which may have been a blessing in disguise.

The internet is certainly a good place to look for unique venues and dating events but let this be where it ends. Instead of using dating apps which encourage you to base your selection solely on appearances, opt for more unique platforms like ‘My Friend Charlie’, which allow you to sign up for an exciting group events for singles; from chocolate workshops to sunset cycling tours, these events will leave you looking forward to a fun evening, whilst helping you to meet someone entirely new.

Nothing beats meeting someone for the first time in person, rather than from behind a screen… listen to your parents when they say that you can’t judge chemistry through texts.

4. Everyone's been on a bad date

If you’ve been on a bad date, it’s easy to feel like you’re the last singleton standing. This isn’t the case; your parents have been there, they’ve jumped the hurdles and crossed the finish line; sometimes, all you need is a little reassurance to make the process of dating more enjoyable. Your parents can remind you that you’re not alone, we’ve all had bad dates and eventually, the journey will all be worth it.

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