Halloween is generally a time for dressing up, eating sweets and watching scary movies- but not all couples can agree on this holiday. Here are a few things you might find frighteningly familiar if you're dating someone who isn't hot for Halloween.  

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Your partner doesn't understand the hype- They think it's a waste of time and money for just one day- yet they will happily celebrate Christmas- the hypocrisy!

They express their hate for Halloween- Every time you go into the supermarket and it's laden with masks, skulls and face paint as you fantasize about hosting the best Halloween bash in your circle. 

They will NOT carve a pumpkin- Even if it's your thing- they believe it attracts the trick or treaters by having one on display in the window so you carve out one alone and hide it in the back of your house where no one will suspect.

They don't like watching scary movies- Even though it's the perfect night to do so they opt for action or comedy instead. Sacrilege. 

They won't dress up- If you get invited to a Halloween party- they won't go because they think dressing up is stupid and for kids, when all you want to do is adorn your witch's hat and boogie to Thriller. 

They refuse to buy in treats for the kids- And moan about the cost and the cheek of kids coming over for free stuff, knowing all too well that if they were offered free candy, they would happily tuck in.

They don't answer the door to trick or treaters- And you sit there in silence until they leave like you're avoiding bailiffs.

They pretend they are not home- They close all the curtains and turn off the lights, leaving only the glow of the TV as a guide, forgetting that the cars on the drive are a dead giveaway. 

They try to plan outings as soon as it gets dark-To the supermarket for some late night shopping; they might suggest going out for tea or to see their relatives or mates. Anything to get them out the house and away from all the celebration.

They discourage trick or treaters- By shouting out the upstairs windows at the kids not to come back or by putting a note on the door to tell them there's nothing for them at this house. And you're crippled with embarrassment at the thought of facing your neighbours the next day.

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