She will talk about next year's Christmas plans- As soon as New Year hits- who's coming over, what she's going to buy, what her pet will wear, what you're going to eat- the lot.

Christmas on Female First

Christmas on Female First

She will have bought her Christmas cards last Boxing Day- If you spend Christmas with her- she will leave the house on Boxing Day to replenish her stocks. She doesn't believe in spending more than's necessary on cards.

She will send her cards out on December 1st- And not a day later. This is when everyone else deems it acceptable to start really thinking about Christmas card distribution so she likes to get a head start.

She will have bought presents the whole year round- Particularly in the January sales to get the bargains. She likes to give people lots of things because she's generous and stores them in her 'present drawer' or if she's really keen- 'present chest'.

She’ll have a list just for what’s in the stockings- They are just as important as the bigger gifts and need far more forethought because they have to be sock size appropriate.  

She has a list of who sent her cards last Christmas- Whoever forgot to send one last year will be punished by not getting one this year, so remember to get her a card!

She'll have finalised her gift buying and will wrap all the presents before December hits- Just in case any last minute purchases need to be made. 

Her spare room will be like a production line right now- With presents neatly lined up and ready to go.

She will have made an extensive list of food for the day- Even down to the crisps she will buy for the post-Christmas meal snacks. Every food item needs to be budgeted for and every craving needs to be addressed. She will probably have most of it in by now anyway. 

She won't tell you what she wants- Because she gets far too excited at giving gifts rather than receiving them, so she will have forgotten about herself. 

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