To celebrate World Vegetarian Day- here are some things you should know before heading out on a date with a veggie. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

They are a cheap date- Veggie dishes are generally the cheapest thing on the menu, so if it's your turn to pay, it won't break the bank.

They will need to check out the restaurant before going- They like to have a look at the menu before committing. If they don't reply to your date night invitation right away, it's because they are online making sure there is a good selection of veggie based dishes first.

Don't be offended if they suggest a new eatery- They may ask you to change your restaurant of choice- it's not to be difficult- they just want to enjoy the night to the fullest without food getting in the way too much. 

Gifts are easy- Some gelatine free sweets, a voucher for their favourite veggie restaurant or a new plant based cook book will go down a treat.

They don't dabble- If there is no veggie option, they won't have meat as a one off- they stick to their guns and if it means just having a drink until they get home- then so be it. Please don't pressure them into having something they simply don't want.

They are good cooks- It's not a matter of throwing stuff in the oven or the microwave- this kind of cooking needs time and preparation so what they feed you will have taken a lot of effort and consideration- be grateful! However, if you ask them to include meat for you- their confidence levels plummet. This is not an area they are well rehearsed in.

Date ideas are easy- A trip to a farm shop for lots of veggie treats or a country show with heaps of fresh fruits and veggies is one of the best things you can do for them.

They get excited by new veggie friendly foods- If they discover something is suitable for their way of life they have a genuine sense of elation. 

People will question their decision- Your friends, family and even you might ask them 'why?' That's ok- they are willing to share but please don't brand them as the 'awkward eater' at parties and dinners out.

They'll probably offer you bites of their food- To prove that being veggie isn't all about salad. 

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