Today is National Grandparent's Day so to celebrate we look at all the things they can teach us about loving and living. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

They don't give up easily (if at all)- Older couples tend to fix things rather than run- and this is a good motto to have in a relationship. No relationship is easy and they all go through their tough times but you don't always have to run at the first hurdle- try a bit of elbow grease first.

They share a home cooked meal every day- In the age of TV dinners- it's easy to forget what your dining table is for. For grandparents, eating at the table is just as normal as a tray dinner is for you. Most importantly- it encourages conversation between you and your partner so it might be worth spending more time in the dining room.

They never underestimate the power of a cup of tea- Sitting down for a natter with a drink seems impossible sometimes with work commitments, hobbies, jobs and family. But if you make time each day to have ten minutes with a brew to talk to your partner and offload about your day- it could do wonders for your relationship. It's one of the best tonics there is. Your grandparents proved it.

They recognise that some traditions are important to keep- Traditions are always fading, so if there is one that your grandparents used to uphold as a couple, and it worked for them- it could work for you too so it might be worth considering.

They only eat home cooked meals- My grandparents certainly didn't rely on ready meals- only meals made from scratch and lots of vegetables. This is of course, a much better way to do to everyhting in your power to be with each other till a ripe old age.

They make an effort when it counts- I know of a man who dressed in a suit to visit his wife in hospital because he hadn't seen her in a few days. If you haven't seen each other for a while and you're picking your partner up from the train station or they're due home from a work's trip- put on your best and ensure they have a welcoming space to come back to. They will notice if you've put in that extra little bit of effort.

Older men are generally chivalrous- Watching older men in public- opening doors for their partners, offering them their handkerchief when they're sad and their coat when they're cold all seem like second nature to them. It's common courtesy to be considerate of your partner both in public and at home.

They are monogamous- Although there were bound to be affairs happening around them when they were young- you often find that older couples take their wedding vows very seriously. When one passes away- another relationship seems unthinkable to the partner who's left.

They bicker- but they both know that deep down they love each other dearly- Constant arguing is cause for concern but innocent banter between you sustains that element of fun and harmless exchanges in your relationship to keep you both smiling.

They're strong individuals- Your strength will be tested with your partner either because of them or along with them and you're often stronger than you give yourselves credit for. Be strong for each other when it counts and there's always time to let your guard down eventually.

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