Welcome to September- surprise, surprise- it's raining. As it shows no sign of stopping- here are some ideas to prevent you from going stir crazy when you're trapped in the house while it's battering down outside.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Cook something new- Dig out your dusty cookbooks, check out what ingredients you have to work with and find a recipe or two you want to try together. You can enjoy eating it afterwards too- that is- if your meal is a success. If not- try again- you have nothing but time and an excuse to stay inside.

Watch a movie neither of you has seen- But have always wanted to. Search for it on Netflix or order it online and start filling in those gaps in your film knowledge. Retrieve that giant blanket out from the cupboard, get a big bowl of popcorn, wriggle up next to each other and enjoy.

Have sex- Get an early night, turn off all digital devices and pay attention to one another for a change. And when you’re done, you can listen to the rain thumping against the windows while you lie in each other’s arms.

Read- You may be feeling a little uncultured lately if all you've done this year is watch TV or play on your phones. Each pick a book from the shelf or select one on your kindle (one you have been wanting to read for a while) and commit some time to getting through it. All while you lie next to each other and play footsie under the covers.

Make a to do list- Things to do in the house like decorating or new furniture additions, places you want to visit together, date night ideas, holiday plans- whatever you feel is long overdue- start planning your next move to achieve it.

Have a pre-autumn clean- Take it room by room and sort through all your hiding places for dumping rubbish, divide it into things you can sell and things you can give away. Then when the good weather actually arrives you can spend as much of it in the outdoors as you like because there is nothing that needs your attention indoors.

Have a picnic- Don’t let the weather put you off from having a feast on your own rug by the fire in the living room. Instead of traditional summery food and drink- why not serve more warming foods to make the most of being indoors? You can snuggle up and enjoy not getting grass stains on you bum!

Sort out your old photos- Every couple has a stash of photos that you never got around to sorting out- ones from holidays, your wedding, your engagement, fancy dress parties, random ones on your phone. Use this as an excuse to put them in some sort of discernible order, either in albums or on in a safe place on your computer.

Take a trip into the loft- The loft is your notorious dumping ground- it's time to go up there and see what you've been stashing away for a rainy day. If you've not used it in a year- then make some money from it or put together a donation bag for charity to take with you the next time you’re passing the shop.

Play a board game- If all else fails- dig out your favourite board game and get cracking. They were built for rainy days like this- they will pass the time until the sun shines once again.  

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