Waking up to a sunny morning- And knowing you have a lie in or a few more precious moments of snuggle time with your partner.

Fresh bed sheets- There is nothing like the feeling of getting into a newly washed bed with the man you love most in the world.

Getting unexpected post- A ticket to see your favourite comedian or something you ordered for your partner and forgot about. You have something to look forward to or a way to brighten up his day.

What makes you both do this?!

What makes you both do this?!

Finding a fiver in an old coat pocket- And you're off to the chippy for a treat in a flash!

Being paid- You can fill up the joint account again and afford your monthly pay day date night.

Random acts of kindness from strangers- Finally your faith in humanity is restored.

Receiving a compliment- Especially if it's from your lover- you feel like walking on air.

Booking a holiday or weekend away- Finally some time away from home, work and other people- just the two of you and an abnormally large bed.

Unexpected gift/card from your partner- They do think of you at the most unexpected of times.

Chocolate- If neither of you tell anyone- the calories don't count!

Getting a tax rebate- An unexpected treat for you both.

A glass of your favourite drink after a long day- You never feel as naughty than when you are both having a cheeky beer and a Malibu on a week night.

A morning drink- And if he makes it for you- all the better!

Winning money on a scratch card- Even if it's just £1, you have won something as a couple at last!

Having a new haircut- And your partner's face when you walk in to show it off.

Cuddling your pet- You are still proud that you are able to keep something alive other than each other.

A new episode of your favourite show- Finally you have something else to watch together other than Big Bang reruns.

Finding something you need in the sale- There is something smug about building a home together busting with bargains!

Your favourite song coming on the car radio- You can't sing in harmony, but always have fun trying.

New fluffy towels- Definitely the way to end a session of shower sex.

Being offered free samples on the street- And you play them off against one another by both asking for two portions, 'one for you and one for your man', so you end up with

Driving with the windows down- Suddenly you're like Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun.

Splashing out on a nice dinner- You both stick out like a sore thumb because it's a treat for you and a habit for others but it's one you always remember.

Chatting on the phone with your partner- If they are not at home for work or family reasons, hearing their voice makes the world right again.

Getting an upgrade on a flight- That's going in the couple's holiday scrapbook.

Getting all your laundry done- You no longer have to borrow his sweater, even though you have become attached to the smell and the way it feels against your skin.

Walking the dog- Getting out in the great outdoors with each other makes those endorphins whizzy and gets you're your mouths moving.

Wearing a favourite outfit- You are the best company when you know you look good.

Being tagged in a flattering photo- And your partner likes it- they are totally proud to be your guy.

Getting lots of likes on a Facebook post- Cute pictures of you both usually get a few- it feels good when people are happy for your happiness.

Being asked out on a date- You may go on date nights as a couple, but calling it a 'date' gives you all the feels.

Using the self-service tills with no problems- Normally this puts a dampener on your supermarket trip but when it goes well- you reach all your couple goals.

Getting the best seat in a cinema- Because couples need space away from everyone else for a stray knee squeeze or a cuddle.

Cakes in the kitchen- You forgot about your spontaneous junk food selection at the grocery store and it's the best surprise ever- just as long as your partner has left you some.

Boiling an egg to perfection- Two adults, degrees, masters and a whole host of other qualifications and it's taken you this long! But you did it!

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