You lived with them, you loved them and they were part of your life for a long time- so when you get together again- it's bound to be memorable. 

You notice how loud the pubs are

You notice how loud the pubs are

You feel old- Your old university conversation consisted of when and where to get drunk and who was sleeping with who, but now it's marriage, babies, careers, pensions and house renovations. Never ever did you think this would be your topic of choice back in the day.

You talk about old times- It is a given that you must talk about the times you were drunk, naked, half naked, soiling yourself or throwing up. There is no pride in the university circle of trust.

You bring up all the exes that once were- Both good and bad- but the bad ones always make for better storytelling and of course- public humiliation.

You laugh a lot- And realise that your bladder control is not what it once was.

You regret not doing this sooner- You wonder why you never arranged a reunion every year after you graduated- just to prevent you from putting your foot in it by asking how someone's partner (now ex) is doing. FYI they probably don't know.

You notice things that were never an issue on nights out before- Like sweaty smells in pubs, the hygiene of the toilet you're using and the how loud the music is in the background while you're trying to HAVE A CONVERSATION while mentally cursing yourself for not bringing anti bac gel in your handbag.

You talk about your new sets of house rules- In university the rules were 'don't throw up in the sink', 'don't eat my food' and 'throw away your paper cups and plates after use' because we all know that the washing up was the wizard's job. 

Now you speak of alphabetizing herb racks, facing jars of food forward and having designated shelves for meat and dairy in the fridge. It makes good sense but you never thought you would get to the point where you care about clustering similar style sauces in your cupboards.

You feel ill- Your body can no longer take copious amounts of fatty foods or booze and you feel bloated and sickly towards the end of the night and the next day. Apparently your body now rejects everything that used to be your main food groups and water source.

You try to keep up with your old self- Once upon a time you could drink a pint of neat spirit while your mates chanted 'down in one' after a deep breath, now you struggle to finish one cider without belching dramatically in between to buy you swallowing time.

You make a plan- To meet up again- at least before your own kids start the same university you all met at.

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