OnePulse has found couples have certain things which make them happy- we take a look at what they might be from the humble take away to the more extravagant upgrade.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

When your partner notices you've lost weight- You know you've lost weight, but when your partner compliments you about it, you gush about how much and from where. You've been eager to spill for days because you want them to notice small changes about you still.

When you buy new items together- Something new for the home always makes you feel like you're one step closer to completing your space and making it your own. Even more so if the item is on sale!

When you give/receive a gift- If you've been together a while- getting a surprise gift or indeed giving your partner a present brings back those first date butterflies. It shows you still think of each other even when you're apart.

When you enjoy your favourite take away together- Nothing says 'it's the weekend!' like your favorite take out meal, no cooking, no mess, no nonsense- now you can break out a boxset and relax.

When you get a hotel or transport upgrade- Whether you are on your honeymoon, or simply in luck, it feels pretty good to get something for nothing and bragging rights with your family and friends afterwards.

When your other half pays for dinner- You may share a joint account but when your partner pulls out their card, it feels like you are in the early stages of dating all over again. And it feels even better when you're in a position to treat them back. 

When you watch your favorite show on TV together- Lock the doors, bring down the duvet, grab the snacks and turn off your phones- whatever your preference, the world must stay at bay until it's all over.

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