What you both look like - When your date night is at home you really don't care. Pyjamas are welcome, dressing gowns are widely accepted and underwear is game if it's particularly warm. Glasses on, hair up, food down your top- you are ok to look like this in front of each other but if the doorbell were to ring- you'd both hide in shame.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

On date nights in the outside world you make a bit more of an effort. If it's the cinema you at least get dressed- but you're going to be sat in the dark so you don't go mad.

If you have a meal out somewhere you like to use this opportunity to bring out the make-up and heels and he often wears a nice shirt. Just a gentle reminder that you can still be civilised.

Who will pay the bill - You have a joint account now that pays for everything you do together so it's a matter of who brings the card. If you forget it you agree to an 'I'll get this one', 'you get the next one'. You know where they live after all.

What they think of you- You know your partner loves you or they wouldn't be spending time with you, they would be out with their friends or family or refuse to be in the same room. They still have sex with you too so that's a pretty good sign.

Worrying about your outfit -Mainly whether it's covered in food from your meal, or popcorn. Or if it's going to be warm enough because these days you care more about heat than sexiness.

What their friends think of you - There comes a point in your relationship where you stop being on best behaviour and start speaking to them like your own. What's the point in being fake- if you're on a double date and their friends say something out of turn- you have no problem pulling them up over it.

Will you have sex? - If you do- great- if not there's always the rest of your lives to have it too, no biggie. It all rests on how many carbs you consume.

How much they/you are drinking - It's a fine line between getting hammered or just having enough to try something new in the bedroom, but you never know how it's going to end.

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