put together a list of things to do before you're 30- we picked out all the couply stuff and made a new list of things to do with your loved one before you reach this milestone.

Stay in an expensive hotel

Stay in an expensive hotel

Things that couples should do before they're 30

Attend a festival- You know it's real when you still love each other after four days of not washing.

Attempt a fad diet- Usually every January you both try to spur each other on- but when one of you fails you both cheat in spectacular fashion.

Stay in a hostel- For the time when you don't have a lot of money but still need a change of scenery. Got to love how much a bunk bed can ruin your sex life.

Stay in a 5* hotel- For when you win some cash or get a bonus at work and splash it all on a swanky hotel only to order lots of room service and have endless sex session on expensive sheets.

Go to the top of the Eiffel tower- The perfect place to propose (hint, hint), but it's one of the most romantic places in the world nonetheless.

Get engaged- Why wait- you are going to be together forever- why not get a party and gifts out of it?

Get a free upgrade- Because you're engaged or married- they bend over backwards to give you free stuff!

Go on an 18-30s holiday- Then you realise you are too old for this s**t and get jealous every time someone hits on your partner.

Own something like a house, car or a dog- Or all three- then there is no escape from each other- you're that settled couple everyone envies or makes fun of for being boring.

Go skinny dipping- Every relationship needs a new place to get naked- it loses its appeal when it's just around the house.

Get a pension- Because all this hard work needs to keep you in the life you have become accustomed to together.

Wake up with no memory of the night before- Did you really have sex there? Did you tell each other about your deepest and embarrassing sexual fantasies? Who knows?

Sit on the sofa and eat chocolate- Pretty much every Friday night.

Get a promotion at work- So you can go out to a posh restaurant to celebrate.

Spend every penny in your bank account- A relationship is never stronger than when you have each other and nothing else.

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