Today is National Buffet Day- so to celebrate, here are a few tactics you might recognise if you and your partner are suckers for a smorgasbord.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You both try not to look overwhelmed when the buffet is announced as being open- But you have a look that lets each other know you're screaming with excitement inside that you can finally tuck in.

You play it cool- You don't want to be the first ones up there or you look greedy- but at the same time you don't want to be stuck at the back with all the dawdlers- you have to aim somewhere for the middle.

Survey your options- You both look up and down the line at things you like and things your partner likes and make the decision as to what you're going to fill your little white plate with.

You work as a team- If you go up separately, someone is bound to rush you but if you go up together- you can take your time- no one is going to challenge two people at the buffet.

You put things on your plates for each other- You don't want to be the person who piles six pieces of garlic bread on your plate but if your partner takes half- it doesn't look that bad; 'If you get more samosas for me- I'll get more chicken nuggets for you.'

Ask what's in the sandwiches- Even though it's pretty obvious- but it buys you time to see if what's further down the line- even though you already looked while everything was still in cling film. 

Hover around the dips section- While you're putting the dip for your breadstick on your plate, you can check if there's anything you've missed for your second run.

You don't overload your plate- But you don't leave it bare either. There's a fine line- because the buffet food might run out but you don't want to be THAT couple.

Sort out what's yours and what's your lover's- There's a moment of swapping involved when they give you the extras you asked or and vice versa. Once you're at the table you're safe to pig out because everyone is distracted by the food.

Eat your food and comment on each item- While keeping a close eye on the buffet to make sure your favourite nibbles aren't going down too fast. Communication is key at this point.

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