Promise to get up early- So that you can go to bed at a reasonable hour and sleep rather than stay awake on your phone till 1am.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Get up late- Your respective alarms go off and you snooze them or turn them off- you don't care that you'll be buzzed till the early hours because snuggling till 10 am feels too good.

Eat a weird breakfast- Last night's leftover pizza, curry or Chinese, sweets, chocolate- anything goes on Sundays. Basically whatever takes the least effort to prepare and eat.

Stay in your pjs for most of the day- There is no reason to leave the house, go anywhere or do anything so you both wander round in your sleepwear until you start to smell.

Bring out the blankets- You turn your lounge into another bedroom with blankets and cushions and watch trash TV all day long.

Declare how much you hate Sundays- It's the day of waiting for the inevitable, a day of nothing- you would much rather be vegging out at home than at work but you're both sad that work is now 'tomorrow' rather than 'on Monday'.

Get ready for work- By loading your bags, ironing work clothes and making a packed lunch as you both ponder where the last 48 hours have gone and realise you've achieved nothing with the time.

Make a roast- The one day you make the effort and time to cook a carb laden feast of crispy on the outside roast potatoes, buttery carrots and swede and gravy soaked stuffing. Yum!

Get a shower when it's dark- Once you've spent a day festering in your pjs and spilled gravy down your front- you surrender to the wall of water before bed.

Get any early night- Then read, watch TV, have sex or play on your phone because your bodies still think it's a Saturday night.