Movie nights are so bittersweet- you decide to have a movie night with your partner but you can predict these 10 things that will happen in the process.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It takes you forever to settle on a plan- You watch TV every night- however you decide to make more of an event of it and call it a 'movie night' so it feels like a proper date. You both know what you will resort to doing after work, but you have to go through the to and fro of other options first.


'Can't afford it.'

'Night out?'

'Don't want a hangover in the morning.'


'We could just watch a movie here?'- and so you reach your resolution.

You can't decide what to watch- He wants guns, cars and explosions- you want something that will make you cry and feel all loved up- and so the argument ensues. Nothing inspires you on your DVD shelf, you have seen everything on NOW TV and normal TV sucks. What to do?

You get in your PJs- Why sit uncomfortably on a date night? You can't do this in the cinema- so make the most it now!

You bring down the duvet- Even though it's going to get covered in snack dust and spilled drinks- but hey- it gives you something to keep warm and snuggle under.

You eat all your snacks too fast- By the time the opening credits are rolling, you have already demolished a bowl a popcorn, a pint of cola and some tortilla chips, so you end up having double what you would at the cinema. And people wonder why you put on 'comfortable' weight in relationships?!

You both play on your phones- Once you have decided on a movie, you can guarantee 10 minutes in you will both be at opposite ends of the couch scrolling Facebook. If only one of you is- the other person gets offended.

You always need a pee break- Even if you relieve yourself before the picture- you can guarantee it will need to be paused or you will just have to miss some of it for the sake of your pea sized bladder.

You argue over actors- One of you is convinced the main character is from a movie you watched way back and the other is determined they are not. You then spend half the movie coming up with other movies they have been in and scrolling through IMDB to prove which one of you is right.

One of you asks too many questions- Even though you are both watching it for the first time- you think that your partner knows all the answers enough to give a detailed synopsis half way through.

One of you always falls asleep- And you whole date night is ruined because they are not committed enough to stay awake.

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