It's that time again folks- I can hear you counting down the hours and minutes until you get to go home- but to what? And what habits do you have for a Friday monring? Well I bet I can make a pretty good guess if you're in a relationship. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Have an extra few minutes together in bed- That Friday feeling makes you a little bit mischievous with your snooze button as you steal away a few more precious moments together.

Say what day it is when you kiss goodbye- The words 'it's Friday' give you both a little spring in your step to go out to work and get it over with as soon as possible.

Have a Friday treat- You have done the packed lunch thing for four days and feel you deserve to splurge at lunch time. You send each other pictures of your take out in an attempt to make the other jealous.

Email each other- With count downs- '8 hours to go- sad face', 'half way now'- 'happy hour!'

Leave on time- Overtime is for Monday to Thursday- you can tolerate spending time away from each other on these days- but not on a Friday. When 5pm hits- you want to get back to each other ASAP.

Get that bittersweet feeling- You arrive home- drop onto the couch with a mixture of elation and instant boredom- what now? If you have nothing planned your mind ponders over whether you'd be better off at work. What is this madness?!

Eat more rubbish- Fridays are a night when anything goes- take outs- anything and chips, eating up random stuff from your freezer- as long as it's carb and fat laden you will be eating it.

Drink- Just because you don't have to get up in the morning you take the opportunity to have a few drinks because it's not a school night- hurray!

Stay up late- As long as you get past your normal bed time you feel like you've been sufficiently naughty.

Turn off your alarm for the morning- With a smug announcement or you tell it to 'go away' impolitely. And make sure your partner does the same- there's nothing that ruins a Saturday morning lie in more than when you're woken up at stupid o'clock.

Have sex- Well it won't infringe on your eight hours sleep will it? You can catch up on any lost sleep in the morning.