You sit strangely- You go back and forth between sitting with your legs together and crossing them- will he think you're easy if you part them slightly?

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You draw attention to yourself- By offering up things you really want them to know about you- even if they are not true.

You claim to like things you aren't really all that fussed about- If they like something passionately- suddenly your enthusiasm for it goes up 100%. You see the smile on their face that you agree with them and it's everything.

You try to be cute- By putting flicking your hair or batting your eyelashes because dainty pretty women always do that right?!

You try to be sensitive- By telling him you have a good relationship with your parents and are great with kids- even though that won't matter for months or years- if you start dating- if.

You laugh at EVERYTHING they say- Even if it's really not all that funny. You dish out compliments like lollipops.

You're touchy- You get a little bit too tactile and touch him in a way that says 'stalker' more than 'potential date'.

You are nervous- And probably spill something over yourself or spit when you talk- that's the worst.