Food intolerances are effecting more and more people every day so it's important not to right off a date or dump your partner because they need a little bit more care and attention when eating out. Here are some things you should expect if you do end up in a relationship with someone who can't eat whatever is put in front of them.

MIlk and doughnuts are food hell to women with intolerances

MIlk and doughnuts are food hell to women with intolerances

She will check out menus before committing to a restaurant- If you suggest taking her out, she will need to know where so she can check out the food choices. Don't expect an answer straight way until she has googled the establishment first.

Don't surprise her with a meal out- Unless you have done the ground work first. If you know her intolerances well enough to make the call- go for it. If you are at all unsure, surprise her with something else and tell her where you're thinking of taking her.

You may have to eat different meals- Unless you're willing to eat what she eats, you may have to eat different meals of an evening.

OR you will learn how to tweak your favourite meals- If you eat together regularly or live together, you can find foods you both like that are gluten/ lactose/dairy free so you can still enjoy your firm favourites.

You have to ingredient check everything in the supermarket- She will probably have some products she knows are safe already- these will go straight in the shopping cart. Anything else requires vigilant ingredient checking, so expect to spend longer than normal in the grocery store.

She'll get really excited when she finds someone that caters for her- If a local restaurant caters for her particular intolerance- expect to go there A LOT because it's fuss free and guaranteed not to make her ill. If she finds a new product that suits- she will buy it in bulk and the cupboards will be filled to the brim with said purchase.

She will get down about it- There are times when she feels sorry for herself when she gets ill or can't have what she wants. It happens, she'll get over it- but make sure you show her some sympathy that she can't be as nonchalant around food as you are.

Gifts are easy- If you rock on up to any health food shop and ask for 'free from food', you will be spoiled or choice, so Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries are easy when it comes to sweet treats to wrap up.

You will make mistakes- You'll book a restaurant that doesn't cater for her needs and you'll buy her stuff that she can't eat. She's not being ungrateful by bringing it up- she would rather be honest than be ill for the next few days- it's just not worth it.

She'll love you for trying- Even if you get it wrong- she'll be grateful that you tried and that you thought of her. It shows that you care about her health and happiness and what more could you want from a partner?

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