If you are looking to save money this Valentine’s Day, then you have come to the right place as we have some advice for singletons on Single's Awareness Day that won’t break the bank.

Singles Awareness Day on Female First

Singles Awareness Day on Female First

On Valentine’s Day if you are single; the temptation is to hunker down with a bottle of wine, copious amounts of chocolate and carbs until the next morning. The next day, when it’s all over, you are still in your pjs with a chocolate smudged face and a sugar hangover, wondering where it all went wrong.

But don’t miss out on the range of activities you could be getting involved in so you don’t have to spend it wallowing in your recent break up.

P-A-R-T-Y? Because I gotta!

Everyone thinks that the 2-4-1 deals are just for couples- nope! Stock up on cheap deals designed for couples and share them with your friends. You can party without it having to cost a fortune.


Check out the latest cheap spa deals and get yourself booked in. There is nothing like a relaxing massage to get rid of your anger towards an ex. Take your mate and have a good old chin wag, so you can get it all of your chest. Get your hair done, your nails painted or your bits waxed so you can come out a new woman, ready to dazzle with your new look.

Another? Yes please!

There are lots of drinks deals on at the supermarket or in bars so you can stock up and mingle amongst the couples and be thankful that you only have yourself to pay for.

I’ve never...

Life is about experiences- it opens you up to new things and just imagine the conversations you can bring to the table if you try out a new skill. Zorbing, Go Ape, a murder mystery night, a new course- whatever you have wanted to do- now is the time while the deals are cheap. Become the ultimate conversationalist with your new diary of exciting events.

Get more for your money

The sales may be over but the Valentine’s Day deals are just beginning- so use up your Christmas vouchers and get yourself some new additions for your wardrobe and let it match the new you. Or go and buy all the cheap heart shaped chocolate that the suckers were paying full price for just yesterday! 

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