We’re a nation gripped by our mobile phones - and even more so by apps. It’s no surprise then that many of us are signed up to multiple dating apps in the hope of finding love, a date, or a spark of romance online. But what is the impact of this obsessive swiping? According to Once, the dating app for slow and serious dating, we’re becoming too busy and consumed with dating apps that we’re not focusing on the important things in life.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Once’s latest study, aptly titled The ‘Swipe Society’, looks at modern dating culture, and found that British men spend on average one whole working day each month swiping. Here are the signs you’re over-committing to digital dating:

1. You’re not paying attention on dates

Twice as many men than women admit to swiping on a dating app whilst out on a date. This can leave your date feeling second best and will certainly make you appear uncommitted. This is not great for making that stellar first impression.

2. It’s distracting you at work

52% of men are swiping during work hours, on the way to work, or during a work meeting! This is going to affect your career, future promotion and pay rise! Be more efficient with your working day and copy the 31% of men who set aside time during their lunch break to check messages and matches.

3. It’s interrupting your holiday

One in four Brits don’t ditch digital dating when they are on holiday - with over a third of men (36%) interrupting their break to swipe for a potential holiday romance. This holiday should be all about ‘time out’ from the daily grind, so give your swiping hand a break to avoid coming back to the office with RSI.

4. Love trumps lifts

Over three times as many men than women confess to swiping whilst working out proving that love trumps lifts in the gym! Leave the phone in your locker to make the most of your workout. Come on guys there are limits!

5. It’s affecting your sleep

We all know that avoiding screen light and devices, at least an hour before going to bed, is essential for a good night’s sleep. Yet over half of British men (51%) still swipe between the sheets.

6. Your phone is coming to the loo with you

Almost a third of men (30%) confess to swiping on the loo. This is a step too far - it’s not particularly hygienic and that toilet time doesn’t exactly scream romance or time to check out potential matches.

Jean Meyer, the CEO of Once says: “The highly-invasive swiping culture makes us extremely picky and impossibly hard to impress. We’re spending too much time on dating apps, and not enough of that time is spent carefully considering a potential match’s profile. Ten seconds is simply not enough time to make an important judgment on someone who might become the love of your life and your potential partner.”

“Men need to rethink their approach to dating – if you want to meet someone online, it needs to be much more considered and slower. It shouldn’t become this time consuming.”

To try slow dating today, download the Once app for free on Android and iOS - it doesn’t involve any swiping and the app picks the matches for you!

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