New research by has found a third of Brits would date a robot in the future. And one in five would even go so far as to have sex with a robot that was designed for that sort of thing.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Initially all respondents were asked if they thought the invention of A.I (artificial intelligence) that could respond and mimic human interaction was a positive or negative thing. 51% stated they thought it was a good thing.

The most pressing question after this of course is if they would consider going on a date with a robot and 34% would be up for it.

When the Brits were further asked what they thought the benefits to dating a robot would be- and they has five very clear ideas.

They could clean/cook - Imagine that- coming home to a cooked meal every night and a tidy home. You could come in and have an evening free of picking up after your partner and asking that all-important question- 'what do you fancy for tea?' You wouldn't have to play rock, paper, scissors, over who's going to the do the dishes either.

You could have a conversation with them- If you currently live with someone who isn't all that good at listening or talking to you when you get in from work- your communication could be dramatically increased by dating a robot.

You could make them do your work - Your boss might notice if you send a robot in instead of you to carry out your normal tasks- however if you often bring work home with you- you could get your robot partner to do it while you put your feet up. Your current partner might not have the knowledge or indeed the willing but a robot would. And they wouldn't moan about it afterwards or use it as leverage to get you to do something for them.

You could have sex with them (or not) - Your sex life would be in tune with whether you're in the mood or not. If you have a headache- so what? They aren't going to be all huffy, cheat on you or go off and masturbate in the living room are they?

The assumption is that if you are in the zone- they would be pretty good at it according to 72% of Brits.

They would play sport with you- If you love someone who doesn't really dig your passion for a sport- a robot would accompany you to fitness classes, go with you to the gym and walk around the block with you before bed. You would never have to worry about dating a lazy lover again.

Spokesperson for George Charles made the following comments regarding the findings of the research:

"Watching movies like I, Robot and A.I has ruined the reputation of nice, lovely robots and replaced the image with one's which want to take over the world. With this in mind I'm actually very surprised at how many Britons would be open to having a relationship with a robot and having sex!

He continued:

"You do hear about sex dolls growing in popularity so I suppose having a partner which you can programme to know what they are doing would be…beneficial!"

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