While online dating has revolutionised the way we find love in the last decade, it’s not been without growing pains. Research commissioned by eharmony suggests that almost one third of British singles had given up on finding love – for the main part because they don’t feel there’s anyone out there for them.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Sound counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? How can people struggle romantically when all they need to do is tap their smart phone and view an endless supply of profiles? But here’s the thing, finding love is not like wandering around a supermarket filling up your basket. People aren’t products.

Plus, with so much choice come increasingly shallow dating pools. This being the case, how can anyone be sure of quality control? And who’s to say you won’t get ghosted, catfished or waste a Friday night out with someone who doesn’t look remotely like their pictures?

At eharmony we’re aware of the challenges singles face in finding love. We understand that in an increasingly technological world, people still yearn for an innately human experience. That’s why instead of creating a trendy new chatbot for our platform, we’ve taken a far more traditional approach.

Step forward eharmony’s new Premium service. Instead of conversing with a robotic messenger, we give you ‘human’ experts who use all the technology at their disposal to help you out.

That’s right, you get your very own love coach who can provide bespoke advice on your dating profile, plus your pictures, communication history – and just about everything relating to your online dating experience during a 30-minute phone call.

And here’s the fun stuff - where human insight meet artificial intelligence (AI). Our Premium experts get crucial information every day from eharmony’s machine learning system which continuously tracks each user profile. This means we can see the kind of behaviour that does well on the site – and any disastrous choices.

We can decode all sorts of things - from the seemingly light-hearted to more essential psychological insights. For instance, data suggests that men who stress an interest in Richard Branson books get 74% more interest from women on our site, and women are more likely to want to date a man with a self-rated attractiveness score of between 5 and 9 than they are a ten. Both genders do well if they index as highly altruistic, but less so if they over-index as highly sexual.

Premium experts will also encourage singles they’re coaching to write longer profiles because research indicates that often people describe themselves in 25 words or less – well below the advised optimum of 250 words.

People also commonly use short opening messages such as ‘Hi’ or ‘How’s life?’ Yet this type of approach actually leads to 35% drop in replies. Research also suggests there is room for growth when selecting profile pictures - facial close-ups and pictures where another person (potentially an ex) is cut out or pixelated, all lead to a marked decline in interest.

In contrast, uploading a range of pictures depicting an active or athletic lifestyle can encourage a flurry of fresh messages.

So, if you feel you could benefit from a love coach to help you navigate the wonders of online dating then fear not, our team of experts are at the ready! Because finding love should be fun not a maze of near-misses and disappointment. Your new journey starts here.

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