How do you feel about yours?

How do you feel about yours?

Do you have stretch marks? Are your nipples pointing south? Does your cleavage look a little droopy? Or are you 100% happy with your boobs like a lot of women or are you breasts causing your problems in your relationship?

Many believe that their boobs give them a femininity and also confidence, compared to the minority, of 1 in 20 who hated their boobs because they were too big or too small.

For some women it can be a big problem in their relationship as many feel that their size or appearance will put their partner off.

Natalie said:

‘I have got such saggy breasts since my children were born that I wear a bra every time I have sex with my partner. I hate it when they flop about, it does not make me feel sexy at all!’

The most common bra size is a decent 34B, however women thought that the best bra size is 34D only 2 sizes about the national average.

A spokesman for Triumph, launching their Beauty-Full range of fuller cup bras, said:

“While there are many things which can boost a woman’s confidence, it seems having breasts you love and feel confident in really helps with your self-esteem.

“Breasts are such a big symbol of femininity and they can really make a difference to how a woman feels about themselves and their appearance.”

38% of women are quite happy with their size, and 22% like their shape. One in five are bold enough to say that they like everything about their breasts!

Tina said:

‘I would love to be able to buy a cheap bra, all the bras out there built for bigger boobs are so expensive and I can’t wear everything I want to either. I would love to get away with a backless dress but I couldn’t go without a bra!’

Over half of the women in the study said that they buy clothes that purposefully accentuate their assets with 47% believing that showing them off can make them feel more feminine! Seven out of ten women think that their breasts are a body part that makes them feel good about themselves.

Kirsty said:

‘My partner loves my breasts! I used to think that they were unsightly but because he likes them so much it has given me confidence to not hide them away as much!’

28% however would want to increase their size if they could, whereas 25% would like to reduce them because of back trouble and inconvenience.

Four in ten women wish they were firmer, with gravity having taken its course; shape is also an issue for a lot of ladies. As we get older this is a big issue if in their earlier years a women has not worn the right bra to give them enough support or done any exercise to keep them in place, they sag more quickly.

Those ladies that have a cup size of D or above said that they feel more feminine than those who have smaller cup sizes.

Selma said:

‘I love my boobs in a bra, but out- no way, I am not confident around my partner without it on.’

The only drawback to bigger breasts is the design of the bras that are on offer for bigger cups sizes, such as thick straps which a lot of women feel make them look frumpy.

A Triumph spokesman added:

“The lingerie and clothes you wear can have a huge impact on the appearance of your breasts and could be the difference between whether you love or hate them. We’ve found that women really feel great fitting lingerie really is a hidden layer of confidence’

“A good, properly fitting bra can not only affect the shape of your breasts, but if size is your concern, there are plenty of ways to give the illusion of larger or smaller breasts using just the right clothes and lingerie.”



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