It's National Farmer's Day today, so we take a look at the top reasons to get frisky with a farmer!

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

They're outdoorsy- Come rain or shine, they don't mind being outside. You don't have to save your date days for when the sun's out.

They don't mind getting dirty- If you get up to the eyeballs in mud on a hike- they aren't going to flip out- they'll take it in their stride and carry on.

They have a hearty appetite- With all the physical exertion involved in looking after a farm, they eat hearty meals and don't mind if you do too.

They live in rural areas- Chances are they will have a house in the middle of nowhere- the views will be spectacular and no one can hear you getting intimate!

They're hard-working- They have a good work ethic because making a living through farming takes dedication and a lot of hours. They're a good influence if your attitude to work is flagging.

They're not squeamish- Changing a nappy or getting rid of a house spider is nothing compared to mucking out large farm animals or killing them for food.

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They're early risers- Which means you get heaps more morning sex- is there a better way to be woken up?!

They enjoy alfresco sex- They like a little romp in the hay or the grass- sex is not bound to the bed or the indoors for that matter so your intimate life will never lose its spark.

They're natural- The rouge on their cheeks is from hard work not blusher and the muscles they have are not created from hours in the gym. Their attractiveness is entirely natural and not a product of make-up or paid exercise.

They're down to earth- They enjoy simple pleasures so you don't have to spend a fortune on fancy dinners and cocktail dresses. Jeans and a good appetite is all they ask!

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