Today is National Men Make Dinner Day so we take a look at why it's a great idea on this fine Thursday evening to ask your man to adorn his apron!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Today's the day- If he's going to cook you dinner- today's the perfect time because the universe says so. Email, text or call him and tell him the good news. He can't possibly go against a 'national calendar day' demand can he?

It's a gesture that means a lot- Most nights might consist of oven or microwave cuisine so if he takes his time to make something from scratch that's restaurant worthy it's one of the most romantic moves he can possibly do.

He has to shop- He must seek out the ingredients necessary in order to cook up a storm, which gives you some alone time to have a bath, paint your nails or catch up on your favourite TV shows.

You get to eat at the table- No tray meals for you two tonight. One of the rules states that he must set the table- so it feels like you're eating out (but you can keep your slippers on). Candles, wine glasses, table cloth- the lot!

It will massage his ego- If he doesn't cook often and everything goes to plan- it will give him a boost to know that he can do it if the occasion calls for it.

He might get the taste for it- If he never cooks- this might just give him the confidence he needs to try out other things so you can share the responsibility of cooking between you in future.

It gives you a chance to talk- Sitting next to each other while watching TV doesn't encourage stimulating conversation. Opposite one another- you can talk about trivial things, your day at work or your relationship. It's the perfect canvas to communicate effectively.

He may have a new appreciation for you- If he leaves all the cooking to you- creating three dishes from scratch might make him realise how much effort goes into an evening meal and he may offer to help out more.

If he cooks often- This is an excuse to select your favourite meal from his repertoire and ask him to make it for you because it's a winner every time.

You can make it into your date night- If you haven't allocated a date night for this week or month then this could qualify- good food, just the two of you and some good conversation- it's what date nights are made of!

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