Here are just some of the perks of thinking outside the box in your partnership. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It keeps your date nights fresh- Rather than relying on the good old trip to the cinema or a meal out- you come up with a whole manner of things to do when it's just the two of you.

It keeps the sex interesting- You will never fall into the missionary trap because you're always trying new toys, new positions and new places. No two sex sessions are ever the same.

It keeps the conversation flowing- If you are both constantly coming up with new ideas, you'll never run out of things to talk about and mull over.

It lets you embrace your differences- If you are both creative but in different ways- it offers you both the opportunity for some well needed time apart to pursue your passions.

You will never get bored of your joint meals- If you are creative in the kitchen, you will enjoy some delicious culinary creations together- as well as some flops- but at least you can laugh about it and try something else.

You don't have to earn a lot- Creative people can get pleasure out of the smallest, cheapest and simplest of activities and things- so you don't need to be rolling in it to still enjoy each other's company.

Your gifts to each other with be bespoke- Creative people don't settle for the for the norm and give gifts that have taken time, love and thought to make or arrange. So no gift is ever forgotten.

You will always see the world in a different light to everyone else- Creative couples tend to see things a little differently from everyone else, which means you will be on the same wavelength and able to see each other's perspective that friends and family perhaps can't.

You will make great parents- Parents who can be creative with their children will get to enjoy fun and games, activities and story time- all of which demand an element of imagination and forethought.

You never waste time together- Because you are always thinking of the next new idea- there is very little time left for you to do nothing when you're together so your time away from work is always well spent.

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