Today is National Family PJ Day so we shine a light on why wearing pyjamas around the house with your lover all day is an amazing feeling. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You're only minutes away from being naked- Just one tug of your bottoms and a slide of your top over your head and you're ready for sex there and then.

PJ days are special- Nothing compares to a PJ day with your partner- nothing. Housebound with good company, good food, good viewing and no interruptions- what more could you possibly need?

You can eat as much as you like- Your PJs are forgiving things so your food babies won't show afterwards.

It's the embodiment of comfort- Your attire feels like a giant hug- and let's not forget the duvet and snuggles from your partner too- pure bliss.

You get to break the mould- You don't have to get up to your alarm, have a shower, drive, eat, or take a break at a specific time- the day belongs to you both to make of it what you will at the time you both feel like doing it.

You wait long periods between them- You rarely have a PJ day because you want to make the most of your weekends and get out and do stuff together. Nevertheless, there comes a time when all you want to do is lock the doors and leave the world outside for 24 hours.

People know not to disturb you- When they inquire and you say 'we're having a PJ day'- it's the equivalent of saying 'please don't call or drop in because we'll be smelly, dishevelled and possibly in the middle of couch sex- thanks!'

Your partner looks pretty cute in their PJs- They may be baggy about the bum and give no impression of what's going on underneath- but that's the fun- they're like a present for you to unwrap and unwrap you do.

It reminds you of bed time- Bed time is a wonderful time when you shuffle up close to your partner, maybe have sex, cuddle, a sneaky smooch or just talk about your day while playing footsie. A PJ day just extends that feeling of ecstasy beyond the morning.

It's an outward symbol of rest- As soon as you sink into your PJs there's an unspoken acknowledgement that this is time to unplug and recuperate. Conversation must stay light and the mood playful because neither of you want to 'adult' during this time.

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