Feeling hungover? Sometimes all we want is to eat comfort food and not move a muscle! Here are five reasons why pizza is the perfect hangover food for couples:

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Hassle free - Ordering a pizza has become so high-tech, that today you can order by the tap of the wrist with Domino's Apple Watch Easy Order App. So convenient, you do not even have to move out of your 'snuggle position' with your lover.

No cutlery or plates required - When ordering pizza hungover, you don't need to worry about making that long trip to the kitchen to fetch the plates, knees, spoons and forks that you may need with a curry. A pizza comes in its OWN box tray so you can even forget the washing up!!

It's not just the pizza - Feeling hungover can make you feel so hungry that one course is not enough. Ordering pizza can give you so many more options to help you line your empty stomach! Wedges, garlic bread, chicken wings, chicken strips....even pudding!

Saves arguments - Pizza is the perfect meal to share - you can even order two separate toppings in one so there is no arguing over which one to have! Take your side and stick to it!

Easy food - There's zero preparation required including lifting plates, opening fridge doors...and it's perfect to eat in front of the TV watching the latest boxset and movies without worrying the mess!

Domino's has launched its new 'one-touch' Easy Order App for the Apple Watch so pizza and gadget fans alike can now make the easiest order yet - with just a touch on the wrist.

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