Don't overthink

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Everyone wants to impress on a date, but sometimes it's all about what you already know. Don't overthink about trying to find the 'perfect date spot' and instead go with a tried and trusted favourite; somewhere you enjoy and you know your date will too! If you're looking to add a touch of romance, why not try somewhere that's popular with couples celebrating all that is l'Amour?

Be adventurous

Dating is the time for experimenting! Impress your date with your wide range of world food knowledge. From French to Italian, Thai to Japanese, anything from the usual fish and chips is sure to get some attention. Just stay away from anything too unusual, anywhere serving up live crickets may not strike quite the right chord!

Sharing is caring

What better way to share the love and get to know your date than to order food that shows off your caring side? Platters for two are delicious and date friendly food that allow for maximum sharing and minimum fuss. Plus, it's easy to go Dutch on the bill too!

The new Parisian Bistro menu from Café Rouge is available nationwide from 23rd March

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