Today is National Curried Chicken Day- a day for celebrating chicken in all its glory. If you are in love with someone who can’t get enough of this white meat- you might find some of the following familiar.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Your shopping basket- Looks like you’re supplying a chain of chicken restaurants. Seriously, you can’t get through the meat aisle whithout spending at least half of your shopping budget on bird.

Chicken goes with everything- You didn’t know this before you got together- but they ask for chicken in every dish of the week- chicken burgers, chicken and chips, chicken curry, chicken stir fry, chicken kiev, chicken dinner, chicken in sauce- you name it they want it with chicken.  

Their idea of the best date night- Is a trip to Nandos- if you want to get in their pants- take them for a meal there and you will be guaranteed some nookie later.

There is only one place they will go for take out- And that’s KFC- or for Chinese if they find a take out that does a really good sweet and sour chicken.

If there is chicken on offer at the supermarket- They will buy it all and you dread you freezer breaking because it is full of whole chickens, chicken wings, chicken breasts, drumsticks. But you’ve talked about it and if the freezer does fail- you can have your own chicken party to mourn its passing.

Your cupboards are filled with every topping that was ever invented for chicken- Sprinkles, sauces, marinades, packets- they like to make sure that they will never grow bored of their favourite food.

Sometimes they will have posh chicken- They will stretch to something like a Coq Au Vin and enjoy it but they still favour the junk food variety and tried and tested favourites like Chicken Au Coca-Cola.  

Sunday roasts are their domain- You have learned not to interfere with this because they are very particular about how they cook the chicken and you will only get it wrong.

You know you will never have to worry about their protein intake- They have that covered from their second meal of the day so you can rest assured that if they get sick- it won’t be due to any sort of protein deficiency.

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