If you are dating a minimalist or are a minimalist couple- you might like to do Valentine’s Day a little differently to the majority of other people. While gifts might not be your thing- there are plenty of other things you can do that don’t involve bringing more things in your home. Here are some suggestions…

Valentine's Day on Female First

Valentine's Day on Female First

Cinema: Whether you are into rom-coms or not- the act of spending the time together is enough. Choose a movie you know you will both love, grab your favourite snacks and snuggle up in the dark and enjoy! If you don’t fancy leaving your house- just have a movie night at home instead.

Meal: Why not book in at your favourite restaurant? Choose somewhere you have never been before? Or for the ultimate romantic gesture- go to the one where you had your first date! Again, if you don’t want to venture outdoors because it’s still a chilly time of year- you could cook a meal at home together.

Sex: It costs nothing and is the perfect way to show each other how much love you share. If you struggle to find the time to be alone because of work commitments or children- make sure you clear some time on this day for the two of you and no one else. You could try a new position, have sex in a new place or just stick to the tried and tested- whatever works for you.

Spa: If you have the day off you could have a full day there- if not- a couple’s treatment like a massage might work wonders, especially if you both have had a lot on your plate recently. If that comes out a little too pricey, you could always just bring the spa home and take a bath together, give each other a massage and spend the night in your robes!

A romantic walk: You could find somewhere you’ve never been before and get in your step count there or choose a firm favourite and use the time to talk and enjoy each other’s undivided attention. If you got engaged outdoors- you could always walk to the spot where it happened.

A class: Perhaps you work best when you are teaming up to do something together. In which case a cooking class, pottery class or chocolate making class might be right up your street. You never know- you might find that it turns into something of a joint hobby!

Theatre: Check out what’s on at your local theatre on this date and if it suits you both- why not celebrate Valentine’s day in style by getting dressed up and enjoying a drink at half time?

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Happy Valentine’s Day for all the minimalists out there!

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