has found that finding the one makes you pile on the pounds according to a new survey.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

18% of couples said that they had a large weight gain during the honeymoon period of their relationship.

The most intense period of weight gain same 3 years into the relationship for 54% of couples, which is also known as the 'comfort zone'.

The average weight gain is about 4lbs each year so after seven years of being an item, both partners are often a stone heavier than when they first met.

Two thirds of couples gain weight around the same time as they pick up each other's bad habits around food.

It would seem that women lead the way when it comes to weight gain. 54% of women said that as they gained weight it encouraged their partner to as well.

Only 28% of men agree with this however.

The study found that although couples can gain weight together- they can also motivate each other to lose weight together by going on a diet at the same time- generally after the Christmas indulgences.

61% found it easier to drop the pounds if their partner was doing the same and the support was mutual. managing director Lee Smith said: "Falling in love is the most wonderful thing in the world.

"But once the first flushes of love pass many couples do settle into a comfort zone and that can lead to them letting themselves go - with predictable results for both.

"But we are finding increasing number of couples embarking on weight loss programmes together. They are far more effective when dieting together - a problem shared is a problem halved when it comes to weight loss." make Britain's most popular weight loss products including Shake It Slim meal replacement, sold by Boots and Holland & Barrett.

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