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Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Here I sit in my bed, watching Game of Thrones, tears in my eyes as one of the beloved dire wolves is dying; I realise my boyfriend is not next to me telling me it’s going to be okay like he did in the first lockdown.

Me and my boyfriend are in a long-distance relationship because of England’s second lockdown (and the fact I’m in university). In the first lockdown, I was lucky enough to be sent back to Wales from university and ended up temporarily moving into my boyfriend’s flat, after his housemate left. This time around I’m not so lucky as I'm living in a house 245 miles away and I know there will be a lot more couples who live further away.

It’s hard to be in a different country from your partner but when all of your plans get cancelled, meaning you won’t be able to see them- it’s heart-breaking; especially when your partner goes into a lockdown and is about to come out of it then you go into a lockdown.

The one thing I have come to terms with is that there may be days where it’s difficult, but it is not forever.

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Here are some ways how we have managed to survive a lockdown:

Facetime - I can’t say this enough but make a time to talk to each other. Set a time in a day where you both are free and can speak to each other non-stop without waiting for the other reply. Seeing each other's faces will feel a lot better than just texting each other, it will give you a sense of relief and it is important to find different ways of communicating with each other.

Make plans - Making plans to see each other is probably the most important thing to do. The reason for this is because you both know a date when you will be able to see each other and make more happy memories; it gives you a sense of hope for the future.

Send each other gifts - Sending each other presents is a lovely gesture to show your appreciation for your partner and it demonstrates that you are thinking of them in an awful situation. It could be their favourite flowers, chocolates, or even have them drawn as a Pokémon trainer (for anyone obsessed like my boyfriend is). Gifts remind them you are thinking of them.

Virtual date night - If you and your partner are used to going on date nights to fancy restaurants or even grabbing a McDonalds to go home and watch Netflix, don’t stop them. Make virtual dating a weekly thing for the both of you, romantic moments like this will brighten up your week. You can Facetime each other, watch a Netflix show together with Netflix party, or even play online games together (my favourite is Among Us).

Focus on the end goal - Don’t take the anger out on each other. Neither one of you is to blame for being in this situation. Instead, rant to each other about your days and if you feel yourself talking negatively about the distance, start thinking about how much stronger it is making your relationship.

Loving them makes it worth it – Take a moment and think about this statement. You love them, sooner or later you will be together and not stuck hundreds of the miles away. You've got to believe and stay positive.

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