By Nana Wereko-Brobby from, London's private dating events club.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Women Socialise, Men Swipe - Women are natural event-goers and are more likely to meet single men when out and about. Men, however, tend to move in smaller friendship packs or not branch out as much. Which leaves them stuck with apps.

Women Have Less Ego - The reason dating agencies have way more women than men is that women aren't too proud about asking for help when it comes to dating. Men, however, tend to have to be aggressively scouted to join these clubs or have stronger pull factors. Women just give it a whirl.

Women Have the Power On Apps - Men complain that on apps, it's down for men to wait for women to respond to their messages. One male client came to me because, despite being eligible, he had to swipe about 500 times to get a match. Women, on the other hand, have to sift through all the messages.

Women Motivate Through Fashion - Many of my clients gee themselves up for dates but just thinking about the outfits, pampering beforehand and enjoying in the prep process. Men take no pleasure in this so the joys of London shopping and spas are lost on them.

Women are Scarce - In London, there are 155 men to 100 women. In other words, in comparison to men, women are few and far between. They therefore have all the power when it comes to dating.

Women in London are Street - Most London women have a few years of city life under their belt, so no man is going to intimidate them. They'll choose who is worthy and who is not without breaking a sweat.

Dating Advice is Female-Centric - Dating coverage is predominantly female-oriented. Most dating features and columns take a blatantly one-sided approach about successfully navigating the dating scene for women. Sorry, men.

Women Can Ask for Respectable Help - When women need help with dating, there are a tonne of female dating bloggers to dish out the advice - but far fewer male ones. Men often fall into the trap of getting advice from Pick Up Artists instead, which never ends well.

Women Can Pick Up the Tab Too - In London, men aren't always expected to pick up the tab. Without batting an eyelash, women can therefore split the tab and dash if they're totally not feeling the date.

Free Entry for Women - Women typically don't have to pay for entry into bars and clubs. They can therefore hit the town several nights a week without having to pinch pennies like their male counterparts.

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