Justin Bieber Gropes Fan: Since When Did Groping Become Okay?

Justin Bieber Gropes Fan: Since When Did Groping Become Okay?

If you haven’t seen the pictures, Justin Bieber has been pictured in a compromising position with a fan.

The 18-year-old superstar was attending a meet and greet and has been pictured as he’s appearing to grope a fan by cupping her breast in his had whilst kissing her on the cheek.

What on earth? Since when did groping of any kind become acceptable? It's certainly not the way to make a good impression.

Plus, if any men are thinking of trying it out, believe me it will get you nowhere is the relationship stakes.

Since the picture hit headlines his agent has said that he wasn’t groping the fan, he was pulling away from a hug and accidently brushed his hand on the fan’s breast.

It certainly doesn’t look like an accidental brush to us.

Now, if a stranger in the street came up to you and grabbed at you, how would you react? Not very pleased we imagine.

And that’s exactly what Justin Bieber is to that girl, a stranger. They don’t know each other, despite how well she may think she knows him.

It’s completely overstepping the line, and pretty much violating that poor young girl.

We all joke of how ‘if we met…’ what we’d let them do to us, but in reality it’s completely different.

If it had happened to you, you’d feel completely mortified, no matter who it was that decided to grope you.

Just because it was Justin Bieber doesn’t make it any more acceptable, actually it makes it less acceptable!

He’s in the public eye, has millions of adoring fans and should act as role-model. He certainly shouldn’t be going around feeling up innocent fans who just wanted their picture with him.

The act completely objectifies women and remember, men of the world, women aren’t your property, we have rights too so keep your hands to yourself!

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