Sex in a tent anyone?

Sex in a tent anyone?

I for one have never been one of these people, however many couples do get pleasure from doing things together in the harsh outdoors! As we celebrate International Mountain Day, we take a look at those couples who like to brave the elements in the name of love!

In times of boredom or planning of weekends with a partner you may opt for the cinema, or a night under the duvet with the remote, some popcorn and a take away. There are a small number of you out there that like to schedule in climbing a mountain, walking in the woods, bike riding, or even running together as a means of bonding. So we look at why and what the benefits of being an outdoorsy couple are!


We all know that exercise increases endorphins, which is our body’s natural way of making us feel more upbeat. So does this then mean the couples who are outdoorsy types are happier than those who slob out on the sofa watching re-runs of The Big Bang theory? You could argue- in some ways, yes. Endorphins don’t just last while you exercise- they last beyond this so long after you have finished your day out, you are still reaping the benefits during your night together. Endorphins make you  a happier person to be around and think more positively, which can only go in your favour with one another!


Exercise makes you fitter and with increased fitness and feel good hormones rushing around your body, you feel more confident about yourself. If you like the look of yourself you can find it easier to let someone else find you attractive. So a brisk walk in the fresh air will only help to keep you toned and fit but strengthen the bond you have with yourself and your partner!


Having a mutual interest generally acts as a way of cementing your relationship. Having things that you do together as well as things that you do apart gives your life more meaning. Coming together as a unit as well operating separately means you can still maintain a sense of independence when you are with someone. Walks or climbing a mountain can act as quality time to discuss you relationship or catch up on things, when during the week you have perhaps not had the time to really get to the nitty gritty.

Sex life

Every couple gets to the stage where their sex life needs a boost- and outdoor sex is one way to change up the setting for your lovemaking. Whether it’s a quickie in the woods, a skinny dip or a camping trip where the only thing that will get you warm is some hanky panky, or sex by the fire; it serves its purpose. Active couples who are accustomed to moving around a lot during the day often have increased stamina in the bedroom. They have more energy to have sex for longer and supple bodies mean that you can experiment with different positions too.


Although staying in the house all weekend may seem like a nice way to spend it, getting a well needed rest, there comes a point where your relationship needs a change to make it interesting. If you are not inclined to be at one with nature, a walk may seem like the worst thing in the world but alternating your routine can be what a stagnant relationship could benefit from.

So, now that I think about it, it doesn’t sound that bad. With five ways to benefit your relationship, it’s certainly worth a try being an outdoorsy couple- at least for a day- and see how you feel then.


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