How to Turn Your Heartbreak into Success

How to Turn Your Heartbreak into Success

Carey Mulligan was recently praised for using her heartbreak to let her shine on the big screen and allowing it to fuel her role as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, rather than letting it eat her up which so many of us do.

When you’ve gone through a tough break-up there’s nothing more you’ll want to do than sit in your sweat pants all day and mope, but we all know that will get you nowhere.

Instead, use that heartbreak and turn it into success, allowing it to fuel your dreams and get you back on the right track.

Take a look at our tips on how to turn heartbreak into success!

Get off the Sofa

Okay, so you’ve had your week of emotional breakdown and you’ve cried yourself to sleep each night but now it’s time to be proactive.

Hide your copy of The Notebook, get off the sofa, have a shower and get back out there. We’re not saying that you have to put yourself back on the market just yet, but you do need to keep busy.

Realise Your Potential

What’s the thing you’ve wanted to do the most all your life? What was it that was stopping you? A break-up is often the turn of a fresh start so look at your potential and what you can do with it.

If you’ve wanted to travel the world then why not start now? You can do anything if you put your mind to it, you just need to remember how great you are and surround yourself with good people, which brings us nicely to the next point!

Friends and Family

Never underestimate the power of friends and family, they’re the ones that will be your rock through this painful time.

Spend as much time with them as you can and ask them to support you in all that you do to help you get over this break-up.

Focus Your Energy

Instead of sitting on Facebook every night trolling your ex or his new girlfriend, focus all that energy and effort on something productive.

Those hours you would normally spend sobbing into your pillow, use them to apply for a new job, to apply for a visa to start your world travels, or to research a new hobby.


Do what makes you happy! You’ll be at your personal best when you’re doing something that makes you happy and you’ll feel more confident meaning that you’ll more productive and successful.

Surround yourself with loving people and don’t be scared to try something new and exciting – if you never try then you’ll never know!

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