How To: Handle a Cheater

How To: Handle a Cheater

It is some of the worst news that you can hear and the aftermath is even harder to deal with but we’re bringing you some tips on how to handle a cheater.

Why Did They Do It?

You’re going to be angry and upset but firstly you’ve got to find out why they cheated. Was it a drunken mistake? Was it a full-blown affair?

Getting to the bottom of what happened may not be pleasant but it will help you when deciding what to do next.

Have Your Say

It’s time to get all those feelings of hurt and betrayal off your chest. Some will choose to scream and shout and others will just be majorly disappointed.

Let them know exactly how they’ve made you feel. They had their time to explain why they did it so now it’s your turn to let them know how hurt you are.

What Next?

There are two options you can go with, forgive and forget or let them go. For many, if it was a small infidelity that can be forgiven for the greater good then they’re likely to work through it.

If the cheating is too much to bear then it might be time to end the relationship. For many, trust can’t be rebuilt and a relationship has to have trust to work so if you can’t fix it then call time on it.

If You Forgive

If you choose to forgive your partner then it’s important that you work on rebuilding the trust immediately. For some, counselling is an option but if you’re not keen on that then talking things through and clearing things up is the best route.

It’s important that once you’ve forgiven them that you let it lie. Don’t bring up the cheating in later arguments, you’ve chosen to forgive them so it’s time to move past it.

If You Call Time

If you decide to call time on the relationship then it’s best to remove them from your life for a while. There’s no reason why you can’t be friends in the future, if that’s what you wish, but a clean break will heal your heart much faster.

It’s important that you don’t let this cheating incident taint your future relationships. Just because one man cheated doesn’t mean they all will and it’s unfair to let what a previous partner did reflect on a new partner.

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