Getting ready for your date doesn't need to be a hair-tearing experience that leaves your bedroom floor a mess of clothes, shoes, make up and bathroom towels. The hours before an exciting date should be spent relaxing, pampering and helping you to feel happy and confident. Here are our top tips to getting #DateNight ready:

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

1. Give yourself enough time - Getting ready should be half the fun, but whilst you're feeling those pre-date butterflies it can be hard to concentrate. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to get ready - you'll avoid rushing, smudging make up, and turning up in an outfit you didn't quite finish ironing properly.

2. Pamper yourself - By visiting a spa during the day before your date, you're more likely to feel relaxed and calm before getting ready later that evening. Titanic Spa recommends their [comfort zone] Tranquillity Face and Body Ritual treatment, to help you feel buffed, relaxed and pampered from head to toe, giving you a gorgeous glow that he's sure to notice!

3. Say no to the 'floordrobe' panic - There's nothing worse than realising you have absolutely nothing to wear, especially when all of your clothes are displayed across your bedroom floor. Try on a couple outfits in the lead up to your date and when you're happy with a couple of outfit choices; have them ready for you to slip on before applying make-up.

4. Know your hair - If you're one of those people that know their hair always looks best 'the day after' make sure your hair washing regime is in line with your plans. Great hair can help you feel more comfortable when getting to know someone new.

5. Set the mood - Playing music as you get ready for a date can help to calm your nerves and help inspire your more confident side. A Beyoncé album would be our go-to playlist but whatever works for you, and gets you feeling your best!

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