As we tuned into Love Island each night, watching yet another couple become official, us singletons became increasingly obsessed with finding our own perfect match. However, between the endless scrolling that accompanies infamous dating apps and the stress of first date prep, we can sometimes feel a little lonely, and overwhelmed, along the way.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

This needn’t be the case; if there’s anything we can learn from this year’s Islanders and our own dating history, it’s that friends make everything easier, and not always just in the ways you’d expect! Sometimes, we need to loosen the reigns and let our pals step in to help us find our future Mr or Mrs.

From accompanying us on dates to ‘doing a Monica’ and making our digital decisions for us, there are several ways you can use your friends to find love. To help you on this journey, Charlie Spokes of unique dating website ‘My Friend Charlie’ provides insight into 6 ways your friends can help you find love.

1. They can act as a safety blanket: We’re often much more confident around our friends; we can be ourselves and have a relaxing time as they know us inside out, putting us completely at ease. In a way, our friends act as a safety blanket; they’re our solid foundation and know precisely how to fill us with confidence. If you feel particularly daunted by the prospect of a first date, consider group dates with your fellow single friends! You can support one another and laugh off first date nerves, helping you to enjoy the evening in its entirety.

2. You can go on double dates: If your best friend is in a relationship and you’re single, consider using this to your advantage. Your best friend’s partner could bring along a friend for a fun a group date; whether this is an intimate dinner date or adventurous activity, you can trust that you’re not alone.

3. Friends are full of compliments: Our friends know all our best assets and are often much more eager to shout these from the rooftops than we are. Let your friend edit your dating profile or let them choose your outfit; if we can rely on our besties for anything, it’s complete honesty. With our best interests at heart, we’ll leave for our date knowing that there’s an enhanced likelihood of success.

4. They're a personal crisis management team: More often than not, we turn to our friends for advice in a crisis. Whether you’re struggling to choose an activity, feeling particularly anxious or you want to approach a guy but just can’t do it alone, follow your instincts and ring the alarm. Ask your friends for advice or bring them along to a quirky speed dating event or blind group event, you’ve got a personal crisis management team in your friends, so put them to good use!

5. 'Doing a Monica': You might just find that your friends know you better than you know yourself, so let them take the reins. In our favourite TV show ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ Monica famously took control of Rachel’s love life, making all her decisions for her. Follow suit and be brave; our perfect match might not be who we’d expect and we’re often all guilty of making impulsive decisions… trust your friends and you’ll reap the rewards.

6. You can put their experience to good use: If your friends are in successful relationships, they must be doing something right! Never be scared to ask your friends for tips or advice to boost your dating life; whether you learn from their dating dos or dating faux pas, never let a lesson go unlearnt.

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