First dates are nerve-wracking. Dating is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but it’s natural to feel nervous sitting in front of someone you fancy the pants off. The anxiety of the whole situation can sometimes overtake the positives and ruin the evening. It's very difficult to perform on a date when you're on the verge of running to the toilet to be sick or stumbling over everything you’re trying to say.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Sometimes you end up being more nervous about how your body will react under pressure than you are about the date itself. Dating experts at ‘My Friend Charlie’, the unique dating site, know that dating can be very emotional and overwhelming. Here are their tips for combatting first date nerves to ensure you enjoy your dreamy date.


The most effective and simple way of controlling nerves and easing anxiety is to concentrate on your breathing. Taking slow, deep breaths will balance you out again.

Take control

If you know there is a particular thing that makes you anxious, such as getting on the train or being in busy areas, take control of the situation. Choose somewhere you’re familiar with and feel comfortable, so at least you know what to expect from the location.

Do an activity

If you haven’t planned what the date is going to be yet, suggest an activity date. For example, My Friend Charlie organise unique activities such as axe throwing or chocolate making masterclasses. They’re less intense than sitting opposite your date over dinner and provide you with a great distraction from your nerves.

Tell them

Probably the simplest, yet difficult solution is telling your date how you’re feeling. It seems counterproductive as this may be nerve wracking, but you’ll feel a lot better after you do it. They will more than likely put you at ease and the chances are they’re just as nervous as you are!

Reduce risk

Effectively planning before the date will reduce the risk of anything going wrong and make you feel more prepared. For example, make sure you plan your route for getting there, especially if you’re going somewhere unfamiliar and are likely to get lost.

Be early

Of course, it’s a woman’s prerogative to be late, however it’s not best for stress levels. It’s also important to start getting ready early enough to give yourself leeway in case your hair doesn’t go the way you planned, or your outfit doesn’t look how you expected. If you’re feeling confident in yourself, you’ll be less nervous about impressing your date.

Plan group dates

The whole point in going on a date is to spend time getting to know each other, however this can sometimes be too intense in a one to one situation. Being in a group situation can dilute this. Consider asking friends to double date or even attend organised events such as My Friend Charlie dates where everyone is in the same situation.

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