We talk to dating expert Hayley Quinn who tells us why you should get out there at Halloween and strut your stuff!

Are you going out on Halloween?

Are you going out on Halloween?

Hayley says;

'Halloween is the perfect party season in the final dash to get coupled up for Christmas. Make the most of seasonal dates, cheap thrills & partying as your sexier alter ego.'

And if you have a friend to go out with, she suggests that you make the most of the opporunity to double up; 'Double dressing most of the year is cringeworthy but if there's one time of year that you can get away with showing off that you're a unit it's Halloween. So pick a kitsch costume & moonlight as a famous couple. Then grab the bonus of heading home as Brangelina.'

If you are looking for a sure fire way to date your very own Dracula, Hayley clears up why there is such a fascination with men dressed as vampires; 'Twilight aside vampires have long been a symbol of sexuality. Apart from R Patz what's not to love about the thought of someone so seductive you can never escape their kiss?'

For men, what is it about the power of the meow? 'Not to say that men are simple creatures but anything slinky & figure hugging is always going to be a hit. Plus catwoman is a lady who knows what she wants... And that's even more attractive.'

Halloween is about the costume, the chat up line and the party; 'Halloween costumes & parties give us an opportunity to be playful, experiment with an alter ego and flirt. But it's important to remember the awesome person we are behind the mask all year round.'

Fascinating fact from Lovestruck.com: Those clever people in white coats from the Smell & Taste Research Foundation in Chicago, confirmed the smell of pumpkin pie stirs a sexual response in males by increasing penile blood flow by up to 40 per cent so get baking!

Hayley's top tips for dating this Halloween are as follows:

'Say YES to that invite: you may not know many people there, you maybe tired after work, you may think Halloween is just one big fat excuse by chocolate companies to make a fortune… but is a great opportunity to expand your social circle. No plans? Check the late October events at lovestruck.com or throw your own party.'

'Create a Costume that breaks the ice: people love people who are individuals. If you want to draw people towards you in the room then create a costume that represents your personality. Choose a weird, sexy of powerful character from your favorite TV show, riff off a music video or go for something so niche and weird that only your soul mate could pick you out from the crowd.'

'Embrace your alter ego: always wanted to be the confident guy or the sexy girl? Well first of all you are that person- you just don't know it yet. So use your costume or being hidden behind a face mask to adopt an alter ego for one night only where you allow yourself to say what you want and flirt like a pro.'

'To contact Hayley about getting your love life sorted please visit www.hayleyquinn.com or drop her a line to [email protected]'