Today is All is Ours Day. A day to appreciate everything you have with your partner. Don't dwell on the things you don't have together but more the joint blessings in your life that you might take for granted.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Each other- You may drive each other up the wall sometimes but it's better to have your partner than not. Consider what annoys you about them- but think about the alternative- them not being around to do those things- that's far worse to contemplate.

Your extended family- You might not always see eye to eye, but you know your family and his family have your backs and would do anything to help you along in life.

A roof over your head- You look around and see changes you want to make to your home and things you want to buy, but you have a space to share, to store your important things and keep each other warm and safe. That's far more important than a new piece of furniture for your living room.

Food in your belly- Every day you can feed yourself and your partner. The next time you can't decide what you want to eat- be thankful that you have so many options and aren't restricted to one type of food or none at all.

Running water- You both took a shower this morning, made yourselves a cup of tea, brushed your teeth, probably without a thought for all the water that you were using. Don't take water for granted- be grateful that it is in abundance. Think about how different your life would be if you had to dramatically reduce your water usage.

Your life- You may get up today with a lack of enthusiasm because it's early and you have to go to work. But you're alive and your partner is alive and well next to you. Waking up is a blessing not a curse.

Your job- It may not be the career you dreamed of but it's earning money to keep that roof over your and your partner's head and food on the table for you both.

The choices you have- When you get home tonight- you may have a number of ways of celebrating your evening together. You have the money, the time, the inclination and most importantly- the company- think about it.

Free time- You have all of your evenings and weekends to yourselves- consider the alternative. Saying to each other 'I'm bored' or 'what shall we do today or tonight?' is a luxury- not commonplace or a burden.

Your health- You're not invincible- if you don't look after each other, it will take its toll. If your health is good- keep it up- if it's not, be thankful that your body hasn't abandoned you yet and take better care of it.

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