Despite online dating becoming the norm, many women are still shy to admit they use apps, and having male colleagues or friends comment about your profile, can make the process daunting. The latest app to enter the scene, Pickable, is here to offer women the true power with its anonymity model.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Clémentine Lalande, CEO of Pickable says: “Women are often reluctant to date online for fear of being seen by friends, colleagues or family. I’ve experienced this so much over the years, and I think that women shouldn’t have to choose between dating online and maintaining privacy. Pickable offers that control and peace of mind for women; and for men, they skip the endless swiping and cut to the chase.”

Claiming to offer women a “fresh and totally anonymous dating experience”, Pickable does not require a profile for women. You cannot be seen online by men, except for those you send a chat request to, with one photo of you, to get the conversation started. No big decisions on what to write in a bio, or which six photos to pick, or how to answer those “personality” questions in an engaging way… This is fuss-free dating.

Here are the five signs you’re ready to give Pickable a go:

1. Your boss and colleagues have seen your dating app profile

You’re at the office and are just brewing a coffee ready to start your day. In walks two male colleagues - they’ve clearly been talking about you. One sniggers, the other winks and says, “I saw you on Tinder last night, I’ll take you out if you want”. Now, there’s a reason you’re not with these guys already, and who would want their boss, colleagues, brother’s friend, or old male school mates to know you’re looking for a date?! With Pickable, men can no longer swipe or screenshot your profile, because you don’t even have one. You only send your picture to guys you like, so you can quickly skip past creepy James from accounts without him ever knowing.

2. Thinking up a creative and fun first message gives you a headache

We’ve all been there… thinking up a witty first liner that shows you’re fun and sociable, but not an alcoholic, fickle, or a psychopath, can be a minefield. Giving women the power in dating doesn’t just mean allowing them to message first. The initial message should be an even playing field. Pickable removes all that stress because if you like a guy, you simply send a photo to him. This allows you to curate your image too - if you see guy’s profile of him with his dogs for example, you can send one of you with your pet to show you have something in common.

3. Your ex keeps popping up when you swipe

Seeing male friends or colleagues, and knowing they’ve seen you, is one thing. But an ex appearing on your dating app, and him knowing you’re back in the dating game? No thanks. Only the men you’ve sent a chat request to see you, so you can simply hit that ‘X’ and move on to something better!

4. You’ve received more copy and paste chat up lines than spam emails

Anyone who has single male friends in their life will know that the majority of men just swipe or say “yes” to every woman, and then will decide who to message from this “pool”. With Pickable, you are making the first move, so can be assured that you don’t just become another woman in a long list of “copy and paste” chat up messages.

5. You invest a lot of time on other apps, but are still single

You’ve tried every app at least once, and find yourself questioning if online dating is even successful for anybody. Well it can be! The idea is to move the conversation offline and quit hours of endless swiping and messages for a chance of a reply from one guy. Fuss-free dating is simple, and the best part - no one knows you’re even looking!

Pickable is a faster approach to dating. You don’t get pulled into the mind games of what to say, how to flirt online and when to ask for a date. This is all about getting together offline quickly and spending your time talking IRL and seeing if they’re boyfriend or husband material.

Having just launched in the UK at a star-studded event in Soho, the app has already received big support from the UK’s favourite daters: Laura Anderson, Samira Mighty and Darylle Sargeant from this year’s Love Island.

Are you ready to pick? Download Pickable today to see what fuss-free dating is about - the app is available (for free) on iOS and Android devices. Click here to learn more about how Pickable works.

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